What is Primal?

Primal Integration provides individuals with the opportunity to explore themselves in deep and profound ways by deep process work that seeks out, confronts and releases repressed emotions and discovers the early decisions which influence his or her present life. These discoveries are used to guide changes in current styles of behavior. We include transpersonal theories and techniques to promote a strong sense of self and develop the inner spiritual core. A wide variety of growth modalities are used including; primal regression, breathwork, gestalt work, jungian dreamwork and sandplay, guided fantasy, psychodrama, music and art. We also do counseling and coaching for those not ready for deeper explorations.

Primal Integration can be done individually or in groups, either as on on-going or one-time experience.

Primal Integration helps people get in touch with and release repressed feelings of rage, terror, deep need, grief, loss, and loneliness. As they allow themselves to work through and let go of these painful feelings, they make room inside themselves for self-acceptance; the ability to love and accept love; more energy, as the energy used for suppression is released; the ability to act instead of reacting; more choices and more joy in their lives.

Primal work is especially helpful to individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, childhood sexual abuse, assault and rape trauma, pre-and perinatal issues grief and loss, self-defeating subpersonalities, problems with relationships, lack of self-esteem and dysfunctional family backgrounds.

The process is basically self-directed so each person will open up and progress at their own pace. This maintains safety and also provides support for those who are not ready or willing to go into the deeper parts of their psyche.

The benefits include: feeling empowered rather than victimized, having more choices in one's life, freedom from repetitive patterns, becoming more authentic, and opening to the power within.

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