Guidelines for Peer Primal Groups

by Barbara Ann Bryan, August 2013

Part One: Location and Group Structure
Part Two: House Rules
Part Three: Guidelines for Buddying
Part Four: Helpful Suggestions

PART ONE: Location and Group Structure


It should be a reasonably safe and protected environment; Mats, pillows, bats, and some accessories available.
It may be an open-ongoing group or a closed contract group.
Waivers are signed before a person's first group. The waiver stresses that this is not "therapy", but an educational process.
New members should present therapy background information and be interviewed before attending and then given special attention to discern if the group will be helpful for them.
It is highly recommended that participants see a therapist or counselor on a regular basis to help them integrate and track their progress.

Group Structure:

The group may evolve as the participants need or choose. The basic format is; 1. Go-round sharing and choosing to work alone or with a buddy. 2. First work period 30-45 minutes. 3. Second work period 30-45 minutes, buddies change roles. 4. Wrap-up, sharing insights or connections.