Primal weekend intensives at Barbara Bryan's Primal Center in Detroit area are a priceless opportunity to immerse oneself in deep, deep healing. The weekends are run by highly skilled therapists Barbara Bryan and Bob Holmes. Though usually a skeptic, I have found that these amazing weekends are worth every penny and the hassle of traveling to Detroit.
    Barbara Bryan welcomes weekend attendees into her home and devotes herself to their process with professionalism and caring. She provides everyone with a place to call home for the weekend, including meals and a structured program of individual and group therapy work. She accommodates everyone, whatever the need.
    The group work on these weekends is absolutely profound. Barbara and Bob work hard to create a safe environment so that attendees can take risks and intensify the healing process with the help of the group. The results can be life-changing. Whether one is a long-time primaler or a newcomer, primal weekends at Barbara's center are a powerful fertilizer for one's primal journey. Given the high quality personal attention from power-therapists like Barbara and Bob, it's safe to say that this kind of opportunity is so unique that it really doesn't exist anywhere else.
E. Sea, Virginia

The Primal Integration Center has given me a safe place to stand as I explore my own healing process. Through working with staff and the many gifted therapists who have visited the Center, I've been able to heal old wounds, shed old ways of being, and discover the 'joy of joy' and the safety of loving support.
Steve, Dearborn Hts.

Primal Therapy with Barbara was a real turning point in my life. It gave me back to myself. I was able to get in touch with and dislodge deep areas of pain that were buried in my subconscious. I could never have accessed these areas otherwise. The process is powerful, profound and permanent. It liberates us to be who we truly are and to live life to the full.
Eveleen, East Pointe

On the Web, I came across Barbara's listing, where the words 'post-traumatic stress' and 'primal therapy' were put together for me for the first time. By luck, I finally found what I needed. I have the privilege to work with Barbara, Bill, and Karen, who each have given me three gifts - safety, permission, and acceptance.
Norman, Birmingham

Barbara, Bill and Karen have provided me with a secure, trusting and encouraging environment for my journey back to wholeness. They have skillfully and untiringly helped me guide my hidden inner child from its cocoon allowing the personal puzzle of my life to know completeness.
Todd, Garden City

Working with Barbara was literally a God-send to me. Facing and working through difficult issues was extremely challenging, but I felt encouraged, supported, and cared for on my path toward healing.
Viva, Chicago

My experience at the Primal Integration Center has been transformative! Primal Therapy allowed me to get past major blocks to my progress. Through Barbara and her staff's outstanding capabilities as therapists, their loving support, and patience, I have been able to dramatically change my life for the better. Barbara has been one of the key change agents in my life.
Brian, Birmingham

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